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This is my new album, recorded in 2021, under the name “Heart Tree Music.” The main theme of this album is being Lucky In Love—romantic love, big love, spiritual love and every kind of love. Some periods and parts of my life has been very unlucky. Others have been so lucky. Here’s to the lucky part!

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As I Leave My Body

As I leave my body
Take my last breath
And happy ever after
Has turned into death
I know you're crying
Shed all your tears but know
Although I am leaving you
There still is hope

As I leave my body
I lose all my scars
And I'm spreading seeds of joy
While crossing the stars
Look for me traveling
We'll meet again my love
Live with an open heart
I'm with the living one

I spread my wings
And leap to fly
I'm not left here in this body dead
Unbounded, unbounded
I am flying now

As I leave my body
My precious earthly frame
There's a light bright as the sun
And it has filled my gaze
So as I close my eyes
Leave the smile on my face
It's the happiness I felt
When love called my name

Border Lands

Riding through the Chisos Mountains
Sierra Madre’s up ahead
My runaway horses gave us the slip again
My tracker’s name is Shy Wolf
He says, They’re heading for the Rio Grande
And there we find them running with a wild band

Oh across the border lands

Shy Wolf’s and old Commanche
Says this reminds him of the mustangs long ago
When they would roam from the Brazos down into Mexico
And that stallion, he’s a beauty
Strong and he moves like the wind
In the old days I trade a hundred ponies to ride him

Oh across the border lands

We move to cut out our horses, then the stallion rears
He charges, kicks and bites until our mounts pull back in fear
Pull back in fear

Now I’m watching that stallion
Pacing between us and his herd
And the only way I’ll get my horses back is with my Winchester
And I know I couldn’t do that
Then Shy Wolf says let the old ways be
For once just like long ago they can run free

Oh across the border lands

Burning Bright

My first lost love was my mother
The dam was breached and the pain still thunders
Walking for years through flood debris
Hungry for what everybody needs
But I fall in love and I get pulled under

Pull me under the waves till I drown
Open my bones and hear the sound
The piercing cry of a baby at night
Leads me to roses of white
When I rise from the water they wrap me in a white rose gown

When the shooting star lit the sky
A bright firework that ended its life
Just a short moment of glowing
After millions of years of not knowing
Does anybody have a clue why we laugh and cry

Laughing crying
Living dying
Burning bright

I’m not looking for an instruction book
I didn’t find love debating the truth
I don’t talk about chocolate, I’m a chocolate eater
Why talk about God when I can meet her
Talk is cheap but love is good news

You had to be free so I let go
Does it suck being on a one-way love street? Oh
Sometimes you’re the hollow point that ripped me apart
Sometimes you’re the door that opened my heart
Am I living or dying I don’t know

Laughing crying
Living dying
Burning bright

Oh how I want that big ride
The ride of love that makes me alive
I was darkness, boredom, numbness and death
Then the spark hits the gas and I’m fire-breath
Burning, burning bright

But what about the scars and third-degree burns
What about the years in rehab urns
Look at me how I’m disfigured
But that ride it still was bigger
When the fire burned through my heart my soul returned

Laughing crying
Living dying
Burning bright

Christmas Eve on the Moon

On December 24th 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 (Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders) made a TV broadcast while circling the moon, showing pictures of the lunar landscape while reading from Genesis chapter one. They did not land on the moon but were the first humans to orbit the moon. Earlier on that day they took the famous picture “EarthRise.”

It’s Christmas Eve on the moon tonight
From the crew of Apollo eight
God bless you all on the good earth
That far away, beautiful, fragile place

From here the earth fits behind my thumbnail
The whole earth and all that I love
And in this forever black ocean
I seem less than a tiny spec of dust

Until the earth comes rising
Rising up over the moon
As a child I would lay in my mother’s arms
I look up at the earth, I feel that way now

It’s Christmas Eve on the moon tonight
And when we look up at the blue earth
We know that we are blessed men
We’re like three magi worshipping at a new birth

I Wanted You So Bad

Sometimes falling in love is so life giving that, no matter how it turns out, it is worth it.

I look in your face
My facade falls away
Cause you’re beautiful
And my walls just crumble
And like the rain
Blooms the desert
There is so much life in me when we are together
Happiness and so much pleasure

I wanted that
To be that
I wanted you to love me
I wanted you so bad

When you loved me
The slaves were set free
Love could even erase
That ancient mortal wound
The warming bond
Between our hearts
Has opened me and now my average soul is growing large
I breathe your skin my engines supercharge

I wanted that
To be that
I wanted you to love me
I wanted you so bad

Like a Broadway Show

Go to a show
I’m under a charm
‘Cause Broadway’s like magic
And you’re in my arms

We waltz in the streets
We swing in the clubs
You follow my lead well
We’re falling in love

Don’t just want to date you
I want to elate you
Make your whole face glow
Like you’re in a Broadway show
We’re in love like a Broadway show

Get up extra early
Make you breakfast in bed
I’m not tired or hungry
Love keeps me fresh and fed

We’re Jules and Romeo
With no tragedy though
We’ll re-write the play so
It ends like a Broadway show
It ends like a Broadway show

Shakespeare’s plays got it wrong
They end in disaster
But Broadway does love right
Happily ever after

Don’t just want to date you….

Lucky In Love

I was unlucky in Vegas
Lost every dime I had
Unlucky in the market
Every stock I bought went bad
I entered all those contests
Called all those radio shows
Always unlucky, that’s all I know

You said you would’ve walked right past me
Except you had a nasty fall
I got to hold you in my arms
While making that 911 call
You fell into my arms, that day
In more ways than one
Yeah I got lucky, lucky in love

I’m lucky in love
I’m lucky in love
Got a lucky star
Put you in my arms
Your heart is gold I want to mine
Your lips taste like fine French wine
They take me to Paris every time
Call me lucky now, I’m lucky in love

Ooh, la la la la... You’re in my arms at last
Ooh, la la la la... Stole Lady Luck blind with this romance
Ooh, la la la la... Got the Queen of Hearts in my hand

When I wake up mmm beside you
I can see your happy smile, ooh
I look in your happy eyes, too
They say, I’m so glad to find you

It is better than the money
When you tell me that you love me
When you wrap around and hug me
I know I am very lucky
I’m lucky in love

I’m lucky in love…

I’ve forgotten all that money I lost
All that bad luck that I saw
I’ve thrown away statistics
Now I laugh at Murphy’s Law
I didn’t just win at any game
Hit the jackpot in the biggest one
Yeah I got lucky, lucky in love

I’m lucky in love…

Mr. Blue Eyes

Hey, Mr. blue eyes
I want to touch you so
Take off your cloak of fear
Show me how far you'll go
So take me to the ends of earth
Where travelers never go
Let me see your eyes of blue
Let me see your soul.
Hey, Mr. blue eyes
My body craves your touch
I offer you my Love
With me there is enough
So take me where no other dares
Beyond the stars so bright
Let me see your heart of Love
Aflame throughout the night
Hey, Mr. blue eyes
I've waited for so long
To feel your warmth in me
To hear your own Love song
So fly me to the world of Love
And let our hearts unite
Let me see your every part
Let me hold you tight
My body quakes
With every thought
My cells expand and pulse
Your blue eyes tell me to believe
My Love is not too much
Hey, Mr. blue eyes
I sit at heaven's door
Awaiting your kind heart
A Love forever more
So let the pulsing of our hearts
Lift us up above
I see the light in your blue eyes
I see the eyes of Love

On a Street Corner She Stands

When I sing this song, I feel the same way as when I see homeless people on the street.   

On a street corner she stands
Abandoned by her mother and dad
No house to go inside
Blessed are the children who are able to cry
When love’s just a lie

Yeah, when love’s just a lie
Take away any hope I could find
Put poison in my morning tea
Today I don’t believe
I’m still in chains not free

I’m still in chains not free
Tossed away like a piece of property
Leave me on the street like litter
Suddenly it’s cold as winter
And no one even looks at me

No one even looks at me
When they walk by like I’ve got leprosy
Must be the sound of those scars that they hear
The sound of those beatings makes even them fear
There’s pollution and false hope in the air

There’s pollution and false hope in the air
If I’m not holding my breath I’m breathing despair
Everyone is washing their hands
Tell me, where is the son of man?
On a street corner she stands

Rolling Downhill Falling in Love Slow

You fell in love with me at first sight
You dove off love’s cliff all aglow
Why don’t you ease on the brakes, why don’t you try
Rolling downhill falling in love slow

You were a beautiful but unknown light
And sometimes love takes time to grow
Stop your hurrying relax and enjoy the ride
Rolling downhill falling in love slow

When you’re caught in love’s gravity
You might end up falling out of control
Since you wouldn’t rush aging a fine wine
Try rolling downhill falling in love slow

After all these years of blessed love
Now you’re a well-known light and still aglow
I have to say that I still like the sweetness of
Rolling downhill falling in love slow

The Land of the Shining Mountains

Once upon a time, the official slogan for the state of Montana was “The Land of the Shining Mountains.” This is a Native American idiom which means snow-capped peaks.

My grandpa'd sit me on his leg
Tell stories of the frontier days
When he came west for the Montana gold rush
When the west was young, he’d say and smile
Men was hungry for gold, it was wild
You best go get your six-gun and your horse son, cause

It’s true, It’s true
There’s gold in the land of the shining mountains, It’s true

He found some gold, enough that he
Could buy some land it was his dream
A cattle spread on the river north of Great Falls
And every summer I'm at the ranch
On my horse, next to gramps
Ropin’ cows and riding wherever the trail calls

It’s true, It’s true…

Every morning that Grandpa could
He’d sit beneath this big cottonwood
He was listening like that tree was some sort of wise man
I ask, Whatcha hear under that big tree Gramps
He says, When you come to love the land
It will know and give you your own life back

It’s true, It’s true…

What do I know can give me my own live back
Only sit awhile and wait and listen for the shining ones to talk

Grandpa sat me down one day
He said, Money and gold they pass away
So I worked for the kind of things that will survive here
Soon I’ll be gone, I’m getting old
But there’s one last nugget of Montana gold
I see it burning in your chest like a fire

It’s true, It’s true
There’s gold in the land of the shining mountains
It’s true, still true
There’s gold in the land of the shining mountains
It’s true


All songs written by Matthew Middendorf, except Mr. Blue Eyes (Lyrics by Patricia Koch; music by Patricia Koch and Matthew Middendorf).
Perry Danos: vocals on tracks 1, 3, 4, 6
Michael Lusk: vocals on tracks 2, 5, 7, 9, 10
Laura Mayo: vocals on tracks 3, 7, 8, 11
Tony Graci: drums and percussion
John Ownby: upright bass and electric bass
Sam Hunter: acoustic and electric guitars
Jay Vernali: piano and organ
Rory Hoffman: clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophone
Jonathon Ludkin: violin, cello, resonator guitar

Song order on the CD

  1. Like a Broadway Show
  2. The Land of the Shining Mountains
  3. I Wanted You So Bad
  4. Burning Bright
  5. As I Leave My Body
  6. Lucky in Love
  7. Border Lands
  8. On a Street Corner She Stands
  9. Rolling Downhill Falling in Love Slow
  10. Christmas Eve on the Moon
  11. Mr. Blue Eyes
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